Food Security Report

States and national organizations competing for stock piling food in “extremely high demand”

During COVID, meat exports to China exceed amount from previous year

Farmers being forced to dump the food supply

Farmers are dumping thousands of gallons of fresh milk

“Activists” taking advantage of crisis to target ranches

Washington state stockpiles tons of food for the need ahead

Food banks can’t sustain rising demand

Michigan becomes the first state in America to require farmers and food processors to routinely screen and test all employees for Covid-19

Consumer beef prices rise almost 23%

Pence challenges Kamala Harris on her goal to reduce the amount of red meat Americans can eat.

UN pressured to delete anti-meat tweet

Eartly Affects of Food Shortages and Hunger Pandemic Happening Now

Informed Few

Thousands Line Up in Texas Food Bank for Thanksgiving

Bill Gates becomes largest farm land owner in United States.

higher grocery bills for the rest of the year.